Suede (suede_bear) wrote in artcars,

Wandered in

Too much rum, too much time on my hands. Found this group.

Lousy pics, before the first rebuild. My '72 lincoln mark4. Ive removed all side and rear glass. Added expanded metal to the grill, quarter windows and back window. Removed the back seat and all door interior parts that didnt involve the latching mechaisms. added '66 chevy hubcaps from a former truck of mine, added cab lights from a junker truck at a local wrecking yard, made custom front turn signals with plexi and added spikes to them, removed near all chrome. Added a ten dollar, ten can, wallmart special, flat black paint job. Rebuilt the carburetor, badly as it was my first. Then been driving the hell out of it all summer and wet assed winter.

Since these pics were taken ive added 32" rear tires that raised it a few inches, jacked the rear up another few inches, installed a ball hitch assembly and ball hitch, added an 8-track to replace the defunct o.e one, added a cb-radio (still need to score and install the antenna asembly and p.a speakers)and a "nuke the whales" bumper sticker.

My art car is all about the post-apocalypse. What rigs would still be running years from now, if the bombs dropped today. The old war-horses of yester-year becoming the futures iron horses. Ive maybe 350bones into it right now.

My near future plans are to add a tunnel ram intake, so it has the bare carb poking through the crudely hacked open hood, laker pipes for mufferless exhaust, re-rattle canning it semi-gloss black, to rework the rear suspension for addittional lift, to add a winch and brush guard to the front and the skull of my pet goat that committed goat-icide(broke out of his pen and ate himself to death on grain) to the hood.

When everyone else drives modern, reliable rigs, i have this. A primitive, open to the weather, post apocalyptic rig.
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